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Oct 17, 2023

This autumn I am helping a select group of clients unleash their full leadership potential and fulfill their deepest professional and personal desires. One conversation at a time. 


And I am inviting you to join me on the very first cohort of Outrageous Requests Month.


This game I'm currently immersed in with my coach, Rich Litvin and many exceptionally successful leaders and entrepreneurs. It's so transformational that I've already invited my private clients from Project Olympus to play with me. We're boldly asking for what we desire, pushing our limits. No theory. No BS. Only teaching what works.


And now, I'm inviting you to join us. At no costs,


In this game, you will:

  • Learn why your deepest fears prevent you from achieving what you really desire.
  • Acquire cutting-edge leadership communication and emotional intelligence skills not taught at business schools.
  • Be surrounded by highly ambitious leaders driven to make an impact. That's where the fastest breakthroughs always happen.
  • Experience what it's like to be in an inner circle with very successful leaders who know they are meant for more.
  • Build the courage to make bold asks.


Here's How You Can Get Involved:

  • Join me for our first training on Zoom, on Oct 19th,  (2-3.30 PM EST, 8-9.30 PM CET), for framework, tools, coaching and insights.
  • Join my private LinkedIn group where we'll be sharing and celebrating the audacious actions we're taking.
  • You're invited to join me for our second group call on Zoom, on Nov 16 (2-3.30 PM EST, 8-9.30 PM CET), for coaching, insights, and celebrations!


For more than a decade I have helped ambitious people achieve what they want. Now it's your turn to join us.



Your extraordinary journey awaits.  Don't ask for external permission. Step boldly into your leadership potential, and let's close out 2023 on the highest note possible.


The time turn 2023 into an extraordinary year is now.


Much love,



PS. Join me at Project Olympus  to build your own ultra-strong life of significance. Plus, you'll get a gift ticket to both of my programs: Private Coaching and Design Your Future Cohort 2! 7 spots left. On Oct 24th, the price goes up another $1500 to $6600.  Reserve your spot now at the lowest possible tier. 



Whenever you are ready, here are 2 more ways you can drastically increase your impact and your income: 


1. Driven Men: Exclusive circle, 10 spots only, two gone. A chat with me is your ticket in. Secure your spot now.   


2. My evergreen Jumpstart is for those few who want to re-engineer their job search strategy and get an unfair advantage in an overcrowded job market.


3. There are 2 spots available to have my personal support in October 2023: Leadership Coaching, This is for the successful entrepreneur or leader who wants a partner to brainstorm ideas, provoke their thinking and to challenge their usual way of doing business and life… writing books, scale your business, building a team, or becoming known as a Thought Leader. Divorce Coaching is for a leader who is either considering divorce or is in transition 







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Founder, Trusted Advisor - Calberg Coaching

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Lautruphøj 5-7
2750 Ballerup
CVR (VAT) DK30143485

Email: Reach out