As a result your can increase your salary with 30%.  Imagine the positive impact you could create and the incredible life you could design with this significant boost.

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As a result your can increase your salary with 30%.  Imagine the positive impact you could create and the incredible life you could design with this significant boost.
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Program Benefits

Reduce overwhelm, quiet your inner critic, and say goodbye to limiting beliefs.

Say goodbye to limiting beliefs and hello to unshakeable confidence with Jumpstart. Our program isn't just about inspiration—it's about transformation.


Get ready to secure your dream job, earn what you're truly worth,, boost self-confidence, and elevate your happiness, all in one sweeping journey.


Are you ready to jumpstart your life?


We understand that your time is as precious as your loved ones. That's why we've meticulously designed Jumpstart, a laser-focused program teeming with transformational benefits. Step into a world where your growth and success are paramount. Discover the exceptional rewards that await:


#1 Stand out from competitors: Develop a mindset that sets you apart from your competitors, enabling you to showcase your unique value and stand out as an exceptional candidate.

#2 Cultivate a purpose-driven leader's mindset: Align your job search with your purpose and passions, finding a new pathway that resonates with your aspirations and brings fulfillment to your career .

#3 Unleash your full potential: Tap into your untapped potential, identifying your strengths and unique qualities to bring your best self to the forefront. This empowers you to create bigger and more impactful results in your professional endeavors.

#4 Create bigger results and more impact: Embrace innovative approaches, challenge the status quo, and think beyond conventional boundaries to make a significant impact in your chosen field, leaving a lasting mark on your industry, organization, or community.

#5 Be paid what you're worth for the difference you make: Position yourself to be compensated appropriately for the tangible impact you create, ensuring you are paid what you truly deserve.

#6 Discover the real difference you make and quantify it: Uncover the measurable value you bring to organizations, quantifying your impact in terms of increased revenue, cost savings, process improvements, or other measurable outcomes.

#7 Learn how to sell yourself in an interview: Master the art of self-presentation, effectively marketing and selling yourself during interviews. Highlight your strengths, articulate your accomplishments, and demonstrate the value you can bring, making hiring employers compete for your skills and expertise.

Program Curriculum

Week 1:

Craft Your Unique Impact 

✅ Construct your powerful pitch

✅ Unleash your true potential

✅ Master key concepts that propel your career forward

✅ Leverage AI to enhance your LinkedIn tagline, CV, and cover letter swiftly and effectively.

✅ Practice focused exercises to stay on track with your career goals


Week 2:

Harness The Power of Your Thoughts

✅ Understand the profound influence of your thoughts on your actions

✅ Learn techniques to direct your thoughts towards positivity and productivity

✅ Rewrite and reframe unhealthy thought patterns from childhood experiences

✅ Discover the role of mindset in the job search process

✅ Implement your newfound understanding of thought power to enhance your job search strategies

✅ Engage in empowering exercises designed to reinforce a resilient, positive mindset and to elevate your leadership presence during interview preparation and performance


Week 3: 

Discover Your Worth and Excel in Interviews

✅ Recognize and articulate your unique value proposition.

✅ Build confidence in your abilities and accomplishments.

✅ Learn strategies to effectively communicate your worth in interviews.

✅ Practice mock interviews and receive constructive feedback.

✅ Acquire techniques to uncover essential information for making informed decisions.

✅ Uplevel your self-confidence, learn to command the room, prepare mentally, and vet hiring managers to truly demonstrate your resourcefulness as a candidate


Week 4: 

Authentically Connect with Potential Employers and Decision-Makers

✅ Understand the importance of authentic connections in job search and career progression.

✅ Learn proven strategies to identify and engage potential employers and key decision-makers in your field.

✅ Learn and practice networking techniques that feel natural and genuine.

✅ Create a compelling narrative to share your career journey and aspirations.

✅ Learn how to use LinkedIn for professional networking.

✅ Take part in impactful exercises to showcase your leadership influence, wisdom, and knowledge as you build authentic and meaningful connections within your professional network

That's Not All. The Bonuses ..

In between the calls

Camilla will be your accountability to secure you don't fall behind.

Access to an exclusive peer network

Access to Resources

Access to Camilla's network

Recording after each session

Hot coaching


Opportunity to work with Camilla 1:1 coaching

When Does This Start?

We offer limited spots for this cohort and the doors will close on July 31st.


Group Calls:
August: 7, 14, 21, and 28
90 minutes. On Zoom. 






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Let me ask you something. Do any of these apply to you?

My Situation

  • I want to find a new pathway where I can unleash my full potential
  • I want to make the next decade the best decade ever in my career
  • I want to work on more strategic assignments
  • I can't find my next dream job - I don't even know what my next leadership dream job is
  • I am ready to step into more power and serving others
  • I don't know what puts my heart on fire but I have a strong desire to discover that
  • I want to be considered a thought leader and a way shower in my industry

My Environment

  • I'm dissatisfied in my current leadership job
  • I feel very uncomfortable selling myself in interviews
  • I've got so many no's - I've lost self-confidence. I feel worthless.
  • It's energy draining to look for my next job 
  • I've applied for +20 positions. I'm invited to interviews and always told "you're second". It's frustrating. Depressing. I'm about to accept any job. 
  • Searching for a new job is draining and I don't have peace of mind. I am about to accept any lower paying position just to get a job.

My Emotional Life

  • I often get frustrated which has a negative impact on my family
  • I have trouble sleeping
  • I am the primary breadwinner and I am concerned how to make ends meet
  • If I don't find another high paying job, I can't continue my life style and that of my family
  • I'm not willing to compromise on my current life style 
  •  I feel lonely in the job search process and embassed that I still haven't landed a well-paid job. 
  • I feel overwhelmed and demotivated when I wake up. I'm lost where to start and what to focus on. 

If any of these situations resonates with you, then this program is what you need to jump to your next level.


Your future dream is no longer an illusion. It's a reality.


Wait, there's one more crucial question we want to ask you. Have you thought about the potential consequences of persisting with a strategy that fails to guide you toward your desired destination?

Scary right? But don't worry! Camilla and the entire Calberg Coaching Team are here to support you every step of the way. We're glad you are here. Welcome !

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What Is This Program About?

The Jumpstart Your New Dream Job program is a

4- week comprehensive, fast-paced and dynamic career development program

designed to empower high-performing individuals like you unlock your full potential and help you land your next dream faster than would you work solo.


Camilla combines expert guidance, practical tools, and tailored strategies to equip you with the skills and mindset necessary to land your next dream job.


You will learn about personal branding, the importance of knowing and owning your unique knowledge. You will be introduced to easy-to-use tools and strategies that will help you monetise your knowledge and land the dream job meant for you.

Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Limited seats available. Doors close on July 31st.

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Who Is This Program For?

This program is for job seekers, directors, senior directors, VPs, and aspiring CEOs in the life sciences industry

who are ready to break free from the limitations of conventional job search systems and mindset.

This is not theory. This is transformation.

If you're determined to create an exceptional 2023 and start 2024 with a big, this program is tailored for you."

It's a high-paced program. Be ready to go all in and play full out.

Member's Story

"I wanted to say thank you for giving me the courage to focus on my dream job.

Today a headhunter contacted my for a (role) based in (country) at a emerging (industry)!

Salary also higher than my expectations. So all perfect. Interview will be after my holidays, meantime the line manager will review my CV. This job is a perfect fit for me and for the company."



How You Will Benefit The Most 

Camilla and her team are 100% committed to help you land your next dream job. We realise the challenge of finding your next dream job yet also know that decision to follow though is what will move the needle.

✅Do your very best to attend every group call - on video or listening it as what Camilla teaches and the conversations we have in this group are transformational.

✅Bring your burning questions to each call

✅Remember: There's no wrong questions. You ask questions because you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and let go of self-sabotaging thinking patterns

✅Allow yourself to show up to each call acting as though you were one of our private clients who had chosen to invest USD 10.000 to work with Camilla 1:1 for one (1) month. This belief will shift your mindset, your commitment to yourself and how fast you will transform.

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Who Is Camilla Calberg?


A highly sought after Executive Coach and International Keynote Speaker who has worked across Fortune 500 companies such as BP, Shell and IBM.  As an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, Camilla is widely regarded as one of the top leadership and Executive mindset coaches in the world today.  Camilla is recognized by the EU Business News as one of the Most Inspiring Coaches of 2022 and has won numerous awards for her work. 


As an iPEC Professional Certified Coach, an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner and a member of the International Coaching Federation, Camilla is an expert in helping clients thrive through both personal and professional change. 

If you know you want to join the next Jumpstart cohort, join the waitlist.