Why It Matters: FIVE Proven Tactics for Unparalleled Growth and Success

Aug 26, 2023

Please find your weekly digest, spotlighting transformative insights that have propelled both myself and my clients to new heights this week

1: The Three Levels of Listening

Ever felt that your team members aren't really 'getting' what you're saying? You're not alone. It stung when a coach revealed that I wasn't truly listening, that I was unintentionally being the bottleneck.  Earlier this week I had an impactful conversation with a CEO about not being present in meetings. You want to embody active listening as well as discuss the three levels with your team members: 

Level 1 - Internal Listening: Your own thoughts can be so loud that you miss what the speaker is saying. It's like having a background noise that distracts you from truly hearing them. Your focus remains on your internal dialogue, often missing the point of the conversation.

Level 2 - Selective Listening: Picking parts of the conversation that resonate most with your experiences. Here, you're in the conversation, but not wholly. You latch on to bits that align with your thoughts or past, sometimes missing the broader message. It's like seeing only the pieces of a puzzle that you like, ignoring the rest.

Level 3 - Active Listening: Fully engaging, diving deep into the speaker's emotions and narrative. This is where magic happens. You're not just hearing; you're feeling, understanding, and connecting on a profound level. It's not about you anymore; it's about them, their story, their emotions, and their perspective. It's like stepping into their shoes, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling their heartbeat.


What levels do you practice the most? What do you need to change?



2: Energy Dynamics

Often, I'm asked about the energy that fuels success. You've sensed it, right? That palpable energy in a room when someone speaks or the magnetic pull of a person's presence. Some call it 'the vibe'; others see it as the energy someone exudes. Haven't you left a meeting thinking, "The energy felt off," or told a friend, "She just radiates positivity!"? This energy is omnipresent and powerful. We even discussed trauma energy in the courtroom last week. Now, it's time to delve deeper into this pivotal concept.


Catabolic Energy: This energy is draining and constrictive. When in this zone, one might feel stuck, frustrated, or even resentful. It's like a quagmire, the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. A conversation rooted in this energy often leads to blame games, defensive attitudes, and a lack of progress.


Anabolic Energy: This is the realm of construction and expansion. When you're in an anabolic state, you're optimistic, open to possibilities, and proactive. Here, challenges are opportunities, and setbacks are merely setups for comebacks. Anabolic energy conversations foster solutions, collaborations, and breakthroughs.


Recognising and shifting between these energies can be a game-changer. We all have moments when we dip into the catabolic zone, but the magic lies in acknowledging it and then consciously shifting to an anabolic state. Because the energy you bring dictates the results you get.



 3. Getting Unstuck: The Path Forward

Feeling stuck isn't merely a fleeting emotion; it's a deep-rooted mindset that can paralyse our forward momentum. I've been there several times, trust me. Let me share a streamlined approach to finding your way out


Step 1: 1Acknowledge – First, recognise you're stuck. Accept the feeling without self-judgment. Everyone feels this way at times; it's our response that matters.


Step 2: Reflect – Understand what's holding you back. Identify patterns, understand the root causes and decide what thoughts and belief systems need to change. This is hard to do oneself. Reach out to someone who can help you think dry thoughts and move forward fast.


Step 3: Take Inspired Small Steps – Ever set a grand goal like losing weight and felt overwhelmed? I have. Instead of the big picture, focus on the first step. Small inspired actions today can lead to significant leaps tomorrow.  


In the end, your response to challenges shapes your journey. When you're stuck, remember: breathe, understand, and then take a step, no matter how small and how scary.



 4. The Difference Between Courage and Confidence 

While intertwined, these are distinct. Embody them and you will forever move forward: 


✅ Courage – The ability to act despite fear. It's taking the first step without knowing the outcome. Do it scared. And do it anyway. If you don't do things that scare you, you wont move forward.


✅ Confidence – is a result of doing scared things. 



5. Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity

Last week, as I prepped for court, a Tony Robbins teaching resonated: "See it for what it is." We humans often complicate situations in our minds. But, when I viewed the court event not as a high-pressure scenario, but as a mere conversation between peers, everything shifted. It's a testament to our tendency to create complexity where simplicity can reign. Whether it's a meeting, task, or challenge, sometimes it's about stripping away the layers we've added and seeing things in their purest, simplest form.



In a Nutshell

These aren't just concepts; they're transformative tools. They have the power to pivot your trajectory from ordinary to extraordinary. But growth, true growth -  a rebirth into the best version of oneself.


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You Are Unlimited

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