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Oct 13, 2023

Welcome to Your Friday Transformation Digest

A young leader from a tough background told me, 'Camilla, I've done well, but feel lost. Folks here don't get how lucky they are. Their kind words don't sit right with me. I've always taken care of myself, and I want to help others.'


With a heavy heart, she asked, 'Is there's a spot for me in this world?'


Despite her achievements, she felt out of place and battled self-doubt, even leading those older than her.


This is what I shared with her:



Here Are My Five Guiding Principles:


1: Reclaim Your Power

My client had spent most of her life living by others' rules, letting them dictate her career and life. 

Question: What drives you so much that it could become your life's purpose? What could be the tiny next step to pursue it?



2: Energy Check:

On a daily basis, I ask myself:

What drains my energy?

What boosts it?

What to do differently?

Question: Identify one energy-drainer and consider how you might remove or transform it.



3: What Are You Tolerating? 

My client stayed in a loveless marriage for her kids, and it drained her happiness, energy, and self-confidence. Like her, I've felt trapped in situations that hurt, prioritising everyone else but myself. And I paid the price. Answering the question "What are you tolerating?" is the toughest challenge I've had to face and overcome.

Question: What are you tolerating that doesn't serve you? What's holding you back?



4: Listen To Your Heart


Ever felt trapped in a job, thinking there's no better option?  My client felt stuck in her job. Overworked and overlooked, she felt undervalued. But in just three months of us working together, she was stress-free and confidently stepped into her dream position at another company.

Question: What does your gut tell you?



5: Essentialism

From a young age, many of us, especially women, are conditioned to say "yes", to accommodate and please. But here’s what I've realised:

Reaching this point needed many "yeses". To climb further, I had to learn the power of "no."

Overcommitment leads to burnout and a mediocre life. If you want an extraordinary life, choose to focus on what truly aligns with our vision. This I will be teaching at Project Olympus



Do You Dare to Stand Out?


My client had one more question: "Can we live without compromises?"


Faced with a choice between sticking to the core of what's important or bending to societal norms, I always choose the former. Yes, saying "no" might bring momentary discomfort but ultimately you gain more respect. After all, nobody wishes to be seen as a burden. 



To Your Success!

Much Love,





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