Why Believing It Is the Pathway to Easier Success

why believing it is the pathway to easier success Nov 07, 2022

“Learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think”, David Foster Wallace

We live in a world where “first see then believe” dictates how we lead and engage with our people.

In school we learn how to become successful. Study and memorise wisdom. As adults, we ask our children to stop daydreaming and trusting your gut feeling and intuitive sense is not something most leaders do.

We want to have control and we want to be in control.

For 25 years, I was just that type of person.

I used to follow the crowd who believed that knowledge and past experiences is the pathway to success.

I left nothing to my inner wisdom. And when I took time out to reflect with my cuppa tea daydreaming, I was laughed at. I left nothing to the unknown and trusting the process was not part of my language.

I used my see first then believe. It made me feel at ease. Be in control. And I used my knowledge to demonstrate my worth.

But most often I suffered from not feeling fulfilled. It was as if I created the same experiences again and again and again. Same project plans. Same activities. Similar outcomes. I was a “see first then believe” -o-holic.

I got jailed in that same drill and was ready for change. What change I had no idea. But something needed to shift.


A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees father than others see, and who sees before others see - Leroy Eimes


Rewiring the brain

I invited a business coach to help me upscale my company thinking we were going to work on practical things.

I had no idea that my belief patterns held me hostage in the slow lane of success and the fact that if you want to become more successful, you want to create new experiences which requires you to letting go of control and trusting the process.

As I was doing my inner work, my inner peace increased which is essential if you want to live a life filled with purpose and according to your life values.

And moreover, I got curious what great leaders do.

This is what I discovered:

  • Great leaders consistently develop their intuition
  • Great leaders consistently grow their self-awareness
  • Great leaders are creators who see what other people can’t yet see.

The distinction between success and mediocracy

If you hang on to past experiences and continue the “see then believe” patterns,  you will forever continue to work hard and always be in 2nd place for that promotion or that dream life you so much want.

No one says it's going to be easy to take control over what you think but it’s worth learning. You will experience that success is easier and finding ease in trusting the process and allowing yourself to trust your intuitive senses is a much more comfortable way to more success, time and freedom.

The road to more success

In my mastermind group coaching program, Executive Leaders are surrounded by those who are on the same join to more success, time, and freedom. They learn to control of what they think, what they say and the believe patterns that no longer serve them.

The benefits speak for themselves. People take control of their lives. They build stronger relationships with customers which means more business, financial security and promotion. They create better team dynamics and experience radical shifts in their physical and mental health.

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