💌 Why Authentic Energy is the Missing Ingredient in Today's Leadership – Top 5 Insights

Aug 23, 2023

Picture this: You’re in a room, and a leader walks in. Instead of inspiring, he’s micromanaging every move. Think about it. Is he empowering his team? Or just throwing cold water on every spark of creativity? This isn't just 'leadership.' This is an energy play.


Now, dive deeper with me. Why do we even lead the way we do? Because of the energy we carry – some of it passed down, some we picked up along our journey. It's both our power and our challenge.


You've felt it, haven't you? That charge when someone walks into a room, the shift in the atmosphere? That's raw, unfiltered energy.

Here's a truth bomb I got from a psychologist: We’re not just transmitting our present vibes. We’re channeling histories – traumas, victories, lessons. Generational energies we didn’t even know we carried.


How can you ensure your energy resonates with your true ambitions? Start by asking yourself these pivotal questions:


1. Personal Insight Check: How are your past and current experiences or family dynamics shaping your leadership?

Pro Insight: A leader once told me her mom never trusted her. That baggage influenced her leadership for years. Ever stop to think what's holding you back in your leadership?


2. Energy Check-In: Before any interaction, pause and reflect on the energy you're projecting. Are you mindful of the impact it might have on others?

Pro Insight: A tough phase at home once influenced my work interactions. A friend noticed, 'Camilla, why so blunt in meetings? That's not you.' That moment woke me up. We must be alert to how personal challenges can shape our leadership


3. Team Dynamics: Recognise and reflect – how does your energy influence your team's drive and collaboration?

Pro Insight: When a leader I knew fell apart, it sent waves of doubt through the team. A team member told me, 'His fear made us question ourselves.' In tough times, your team needs your strength. Step up, and if you're weighed down, get a coach to help you rise.


4. Authentic Alignment: How are you ensuring your actions and decisions reflect the positive energy you aim to embody?

Pro Insight: In my early career, I mimicked a leader I admired. A mentor said, 'You're in someone else's suit.' I learned to lead authentically, not in another's shadow.


5. Future Focus: How are you making sure your leadership style brings out the best in you and others?

Pro Insight: During a workshop, I envisioned my leadership legacy as a trust-based, thriving community. But I saw personal hurdles in the way. Every leader has shadows; the challenge is turning them into guiding lights.


Alright, let's break it down.


True leadership goes beyond mere actions. It’s energy. It’s vibe. That invisible force that crafts your legacy. We've got a responsibility on our shoulders – to redefine the essence of leadership.


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Are you in?

Much love, Camilla

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