Unlocking the Winning Mindset: 5 Mindset Principles That Will Set You Apart

Jun 13, 2023

Last week, I had the chance to watch a rowing team glide smoothly across a lake, guided by their dedicated coach. I was fascinated by their commitment to be the best and the scene reminded me of a client who wanted to career up.


An athlete's mind is always focused on being the best, aiming for the top spot and not settling for second or third place.


The client no longer wanted just any job; she wanted to make a difference and she was eager to learn how to career up, continue to make more success and have more time for herself, for her family, and more peace of mind.


She was trapped in her own mind which made her reach out to me. And she is not alone. When it's time to transition, something holds leaders back. They get caught up in fear of the unfamiliar, low self-esteem, victimhood, limiting beliefs, own negative self-talk and they no longer hold on to what makes them unique.


While I may not be an expert in marketing, sales, or supply chain, I do understand how the mind works.



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5 Mindset Principles


There are five things that have helped me improve my mindset and pave the way for more success, joy and abundance in life:


1.     Reality Check

2.     Tolerate

3.     Commitment

4.     Time

5.     Fuel



1: Reality Check

One of my advisors introduced me to the power of my words. What we think we attract, and it’s not always what we want. It was uncomfortable to realise, but it is true. I worked hard to shift my thoughts and feelings. I was no longer available to accept what I was attracting. Now, I am a person who designs the life I desire. I serve leaders who inspire me and who seek more success and freedom.


Ask Yourself:

a) What are you attracting right now that doesn't serve you?

b) Are you aware of the impact your words have on your life and the opportunities you want to attrack?



2: Tolerate

At the beginning of my self-discovery journey, I found myself stuck in familiar thoughts and feelings that didn't serve my future vision and desires. Now, I have zero tolerance for my own limiting beliefs. I am unavailable for negativity. I am unavailable for less. I surround myself with positive people.


Ask Yourself:

a)     What are you tolerating that no longer serves you?

b)     Do you surround yourself with positive people who inspire you?

c)     What red flags are you not paying attention to?

d)     How would your life be different if you stop tolerating what no longer serves you?



3: Commitment

When I made the decision to rewrite my life story, I wholeheartedly committed to the path of self-improvement. It involved stepping out of my comfort zone. It was painful but my unwavering determination kept me going. I had no other option.


The beauty of being resolute is that it allows you to appreciate and celebrate each achievement along the way, shifting your focus from solely fixating on the end result. This shift brings a sense of ease to your mind, filling you with greater joy and pride. As a result, your confidence soars, propelling you forward towards continued growth and success.


The client sent me a voice message, “It’s hard to commit to changing my thinking patterns  – I am just a normal person.” When I have a choice between suffering or surrendering to become a better version of myself, I take surrender every time


Ask Yourself:

a) Where else in your life are you not wholeheartedly committed to change?

b) Are you finding yourself hesitating to commit due to fear of the unknown, fear of failure, or lack of self-confidence?



4: Time

I'm Camilla Calberg, and I help people upgrade their mindset and achieve their dreams. I love seeing people thrive and succeed, but it comes at a price. I take time for myself to grow as a person, to nurture my purpose, and to learn how to design the life I desire. I fail and I learn. These learnings I share with my clients and we customise and incorporate relevant principles and strategies to their own challenges and desires. What brought me success was working with people who shared similar values and a desire to help others who were determined to break free from the average. To reach my next level, I continue working with people who can unlock new opportunities for growth. It's not a need. It's a choice.


Ask Yourself:

a) Are you moving in a direction that feels right for you?

b) How often do you lie to yourself and others that personal development opportunities are not of importance right now?

c) Where else in your life are you putting yourself last?



Most leaders are overly focused on day-to-day operations but lack the commitment to become a better version of themselves.


5: Fuel

No alt text provided for this image
My Isagenix Collection.

When I decided to change my life, I became intentional about how I nourished my body. I joined the WildFit program by Eric Edmeades. I’ve embodied "you are what you eat." I am no longer addicted to chocolate. I have started eating more greens. I love my green juice. I consume Isagenix collagen products every day, and it shows in my hair, nails, glowing skin and overall well-being. I move my body every day.


I'm no longer satisfied with how I nourish my body. I am happy. Ultimately, lasting change stems from happiness.



Ask Yourself:

  1. Are you setting your body up for success?
  2. What is your relationship with numbing or comfort eating telling you?



I make time to work on myself with mentors. I’ve recently signed two new mentee contracts. I seek mentors who can guide me to more success in all areas of life. I prefer to invest in myself rather than settle for second or third place. After all, no one wants to feel like a loser.



Sending you much love, Camilla



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