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Aug 16, 2023

In a few hours, my daughter and I step into family court. We hope three long, hard years will finally find peace. It's a big, scary moment. It's made me think a lot about the challenges we face and how we deal with them.


I once had a fancy white BMW. The first of its kind in my country. On dates, I'd downplay it, simply replying "it's whilte - I cant remember the brand". Many men would jest, "Typical woman." But my intent was clear: I wanted to be seen for who I am, not the extraordinary things I owned.



But just like that car hid the real me, my leadership journey hid many struggles. I was in environments where toxicity thrived. 


When a boss told me to "accept that behaviour" and suggested therapy as a solution, I was taken aback, but it ignited a fierce determination in me. Instead of conforming to flawed leadership, I became obsessed with reshaping its definition — emphasising kindness, heart, and authenticity. At Calberg Coaching, we're now on a mission to confront and rectify genuine leadership issues head-on.


Personally, I've hit towering walls too. As I climbed corporate walls, I watched friends and family cherish their families, amplifying my own longing. Some walls aren't about the climb but the lessons they teach. 


Over 15 years, I've been seeking answers. Today, I share 10 questions with you that can redefine your journey:


1:  What do you want to experience in life?  For me, it's making a genuine impact in the field of leadership in life sciences.

2:  Who do you need to become to experience this? I needed to set boundaries, trust my own instincts, and shed limiting beliefs.

3: What are your core values? Freedom, happiness, being present, nature, and contributing to humanity are some of my core values. 

3: What are your your non-negotiables? For me, toxic behavior has no place, neither in personal realms nor in professional labs and boardrooms.

4: What legacy do you want to leave behind? For me, it's about pioneering compassionate leadership in every boardroom.

5: How do you define success? It's not about the number in the bank, but the number of lives positively impacted.

6: Where do you find your strength? My resilience comes from past challenges, and the love and support of my community.

7: What are you willing to sacrifice? Personal comfort takes a backseat when it's about realising a greater vision.

8: How do you want to be remembered? As someone who not only dreamed but also ignited change in others.

9: What's the biggest risk you're willing to take? Putting myself out there, vulnerable and authentic, to bring about real transformation.

10: How do you want to face your fear of failure? I got to learn never compare myself to others. Instead, I listen to my heart and celebrate who I am and what makes me happy. If I happen to compare myself to others I always ask myself "do you want to trade your life for theirs?" The answer is always NO. I allow myself to feel the fear. I do it scared. I no longer ask my external world for permission. I do it anyway. Unapologetically.



I learned, adapted, and grew. But why should you walk the same arduous path when you can learn from my journey? That's why I created Leaders' Saloon. A community for like-minded people in life sciences who are hungry for more in life. The ones who solve genuine problems and touch lives deeply. It's not for everyone. That's the whole point.



Unleash your infinite potential: Be unlimited.

Much Love, Camilla

Founder, Trusted Advisor - Calberg Coaching

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P.S. True transformation begins with a daring choice, even if it feels daunting. Listen to that inner call yearning for growth. Dive into Leaders' Saloon. Claim your complimentary call and coaching session with the coupon "VIPLS". Don't just lead; inspire. 


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