Three Books Every Leader Should Read

by camilla calberg three books every leader should read Oct 31, 2022

I don’t know about you but until recently my bookshelf was primarily filled with Harvard Business Review, TIME, Lonely Planet travel books and a few go-to crime podcasts like the American "Serial" and the Danish Politiken "Third Ear".

I wasn’t highly passionate about reading biographies and “how to” personal development books were not on my radar.

Then I started to work with a mentor who asked me to read one personal development book after the other and the direction changed my life.

Life is a journey.

To get the most out of life means that we are constantly expanding, growing and always looking for smarter ways to grow.

Being stagnant is for most a subconscious choice and not the pathway to more success and wealth, freedom and happiness in all aspects of life.

I've been in this life for 50 years and I haven't always been on the pathway to owning my life. During the first 20 years of my career, I asked for permission to grow. Sometimes I was supported. Often not and when I was given new assignments, felt I had to be extremely happy even though what people chose for me was not in alignment with my dreams.


The 90 seconds that transformed my life

In my 40s I was tired of being jailed in a life that didn't support me. And when you want more out of life, you start to look for coaches and mentors who have what you want.

And that was the beginning to a new life.

I had had a discovery call with her. Applied for personal coaching. Saw the investment price - I could by a really nice car for that investment. Made a coffee. Tapped into my dream and vision and said with my arms in the air "YES! I am ready for my next uplevel!"

You see it, it's not what you know that gets you a richer life. It's who you know.


Books that transform

Here are three books that I think every person should read to help themselves grow.


Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

This book changed my world. I learned the power of controlling your mind, upshifting your thoughts and that life can be a different experience if you are committed to doing your inner work.



Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Most people have been taught to believe it when they see it. If you want more success, you want to feel it now. Believe it before you see it if your runway to abundant life.



Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed

I’ve read many books on manifestation, but this book is simply the best. The author guides you through the manifestation process.  The book is available on Audible. I recommend you listen to it, when you have accepted that you can change how you think, feel and act.


The books I’ve just shared with you are some of my many go-to books.

Some of these books I have in digital and hardcover format. Some are only digital. Others only hardcovers.

Whatever the format of the book, I make sure to make notes of insights I find profoundly transformative.  

 And I pick up the books again and again as they continue to ever have a mind-expansion effect on me.

 I am happy to recommend these books to you which are also part of the literature list I give my private clients and Masterminders.

 Let me know how the books transform your life.

 To your unlimited success,

 I believe in you!


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