These Three Minutes Will Reshape Your Decade's Direction

Oct 24, 2023

In the hustle of life, have you ever paused to think, “Where will I be in three years?”


If that thought makes your heart race, I get it. I’ve been there.


Legacy isn’t built on wishes, but intentional action.


Through my coaching journey, I’ve had the privilege of listening to countless dreams. They paint vivid pictures of financial abundance, life of significance, radiant health, invaluable family moments, and a leadership aura that draws people in.


However, dreams without actions remain dreams.


A client recently told me: "In three years, I want every morning to be ignited by purpose."  Her words were more than ambition; they were a vow. Together, we now transform her career and life story.


But going it alone can be tough. Motivation slows down and doubt starts to creep in. 


Can I do it?

Where do I start?

How can I make this a priority in my life right now with everything else I'm responsible for?


Everyone, including you, has a mission. But what stops most people? Fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failing, and fear of not being good enough. And then we fall into the habit of putting things off. 


This procrastination affects even job searches. Many sideline their dream jobs, citing a lack of time, settling for less, resulting in big consequences. Feeling underutilised, unfulfilled, and undervalued.


But you deserve better. 


And if you want help modelling those who have figured it out


I invite you to something special and exclusive. 


Special Announcement: Jumpstart Accelerator

This November, I'm launching Jumpstart Accelerator - one of the most intensive, immersive programs I’ve ever crafted at Calberg Coaching. Tailored specifically for leaders in life sciences who feel that burning desire for more, who know deep down they are meant for more.


Leaders have started booking their free discovery calls to kickstart their transitions. If you feel called, I invite you to a 1-1 call with me, ensuring you're in a better place tomorrow.


               👆 This is how you can benefit from joining the program.


Imagine being part of a small and exclusive group setting with like-minded individualsdiving into profound conversations unlike any you've experienced before.


I help you realise the problems you’re facing as a high-performing leader struggling to land a better job aren’t isolated to you alone and that they can be resolved with changes to your mindset and re-engineering the most fundamental job hunting processes.


I help you build better leadership communication skills, get clarity on the uniqueness you bring to the table, and ignite unshakable confidence for you to reach those final breakthroughs in your career and family life.  


This is teaching and training beyond traditional job hunting.


Plus, during our time together, I will be your accountability partner helping you to follow through and procrastinate on the tasks that don’t make the biggest impact. With the other amazing cohort members, we’ll learn, connect and celebrate each other’s successes from the program.   


Imagine for a moment: It's December, and while most are wrapped up in the festive spirit, you've got an extra reason to celebrate. You've cracked the job hunt code before Christmas.


How does that victory feel?


What kind of transformation has taken place in your financial life?


How have your days shifted with that newfound confidence?


Time Waits for No One. Seats are limited and may be gone before Oct 30.   Learn more and enroll at:




Much Love,


 PS. Join me at Project Olympus to build your leadership brand and ultra-strong life of significance.7 spots left. The remaining seats will be sold out on or before Christmas so reserve your spot now. 



Whenever you are ready, here are 3 more ways you can drastically increase your impact and your income: 


1: Nov 16-18 I am hosting a roundtable series for female leaders in Director positions and above who want to create more value and strengthen their authority position. Click here to join the waitlist.


2. Driven Men: Exclusive circle, 10 spots only, two gone. A chat with me is your ticket in. Secure your spot now.   




3. There is 1 spot left for a 5 month private coaching starting this 2023: Leadership Coaching is for the successful entrepreneur or leader who wants a trusted advisor, mentor and coach to brainstorm ideas, provoke their thinking and to challenge their usual way of doing business and life… writing books, scale your business, building a team, or becoming known as a Thought Leader in your field. Divorce Coaching is for a leader who is either considering divorce, in transition or on the other side 




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Lautruphøj 5-7
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