Shedding the Mask - What You Need to Know

Sep 15, 2023

Welcome to Your Friday Transformation Digest

Ten years ago, I felt trapped in a never-ending cycle. From the outside, it appeared as if I had it all – but deep inside, a different story was unfolding. I was in a relentless pursuit of prestigious job titles, constantly seeking the applause and nods of others, striving to uphold a façade that didn't represent the real me.

Every day was a performance, an act that stifled my true self. I could no longer wear the mask and the fake smiles. I craved authenticity and a life that resonated with my real desires. I had no idea what I was to experience and what was waiting for me on the other side the discomfort, when I decided to work with a coach.

Now, I stand free, having reclaimed my genuine self and a life rich with authenticity, happiness, joy, freedom, and financial security. Able to give my daughter the best possible options. I am here to assure you that if I can shed the mask, so can you. 


Equip Yourself With These Tools From Project Olympus

Today, I'm excited to share with you five key tools that have really helped my clients this week, tools that you'll learn at Project Olympus

1. Break Down Mental Walls

Drop the "this is who I am" attitude. Open your heart to new opportunities; don't restrict yourself.

2. Control Your Thoughts

Get a grip on your thoughts. Choose to either feed them with positive energy or calmly let disturbances pass, creating a peaceful and positive mindset. At Project Olympus, we adhere to the principle that changing your energy can indeed transform your life.

3. Start Building Your Support Team, Now! 

If you want more success, find people who have been where you are right now and who want to help you succeed.

4. Step Up to Act

How often do you use the narrative "I'll try"? If you want something, step up to act. Do it! Project Olympus nurtures this proactive approach, fostering substantial growth.

5. Power of Momentum

Clearly define your desires, approach each day with intention, and commit to daily inspired actions that bring your dreams to fruition.


Project Olympus is not for everyone. It's not supposed to be.

It's a launchpad for female leaders in life sciences sector who are ready to reclaim control of their career, secure financial freedom, be able to travel where they want, and offer the best opportunities for their children.


To join Project Olympus, you need (at least one) personal interview with me and possibly a couple of conversations with current members. We are highly selective.


To join Project Olympus you need to make a personal internal commitment to work on a goal you want to achieve 3 years from now and which feels like a stretch. But if you're not playing a big enough game in a year's time we may not let you renew.


On Monday September 18th, the price increases from $3500 to $3857. A few days later, it increases again to the full price of $4100. Reserve your spot now.



PS. When you sign up to Project Olympus, you get FREE private coaching until the group reaches a certain number (worth over $2000)! This exclusive offer is only available to our next 5 early tribe members - act now!


PLUS, here are 3 more ways you can drastically increase your impact and your income:



  1. There are 2 spots available to have my personal support in 2024: Leadership Coaching, This is for the successful entrepreneur or leader who wants a partner to brainstorm ideas, provoke their thinking and to challenge their usual way of doing business and life… writing books, scale your business, building a team, or becoming known as a Thought Leader. Divorce Coaching is for a leader who is either considering divorce or in transition.
  2. Elite Men's Circle: We're setting up a solid circle just for the guys who aim high. Only 9 spots available, and one's already snagged. To join, you need at least one interview with me. Reserve your spot now. 
  3. Want to work with me but not sure where to start? Check out our coaching menu and pick the program that suits you best.


To Your Success!

Much Love,

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Lautruphøj 5-7
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