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by camilla calberg questions move you forward Nov 28, 2022

I’m excited to share that I have just launched a new Mastermind, The Leaders’ Mastermind: A Hot Seat Leadership Training and Coaching Experience. I’ve been working on this class for more than 6 months!

We will begin in January, and I can summarise it for you in two short sentences:

We will challenge what you think and provoke new perspectives so that you will have more success, more time, and more freedom in 2023. Using a road less travelled.

Most successful people experience the paradox of success several times in their careers.

One of the factors of success is that it hides your challenges.

No one can see what you think and how you feel and neither do people understand what challenges you face as a highly successful person.

Your accountability as a successful leader is to address your own challenges in a timely manner and gain control of unhealthy habits and thinking patterns so that your success won’t put you on a pedestal distancing you from your team members, affect your family relationships, your mental and physical health.

The simplest way to do it is to become consciously aware of what you think, what you feel, how you show up and who you really want to become.

I’ve been teaching this for more than two years now.

Every time I engage in a coaching conversation, I get replies that seem nice and at the surface justify why my clients think or act in a certain way.

But the devil is in the detail. In the Leaders’s Mastermind we uncover the causes for your beliefs systems and fears, we provoke new thinking and get answers to questions like:

  1. What is your vision 10 years from now?
  2. What needs to shift 3 months from now?
  3. What energy do you broadcast?
  4. What do you need to end?
  5. What do you need to begin?


What are you up to?

What’s your vision 10 years from now? What questions do you ask yourself to move you forward in the right direction using a road less travelled?




PS: Leaders' Mastermind is open for enrolment. Learn to rewire what you think and have more success, more freedom and more time. We will meet in Sweden for a weekend-long deep dive in March 2023.


PLUS whenever you are ready, here are 2 more ways you can use to drastically increase your success.

1: Join our regular private roundtable events. Next event is this Friday, December 2nd, 2023 1:30 PM CET. Send me an email ([email protected]) if you want to join.

2: Apply for private coaching with me in 2023 (Leadership Mindset and Divorce Services)


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Email: Reach out