Make Influence Your Unfair Advantage

Oct 11, 2023

Last week on social media, a compelling theme caught my eye: the call for more women in leadership. A louder echo resonated, "We need more women in board positions". But here's a thought: In my circles, women are reshaping this narrative. They redefine what leadership really is..



So, for those ready to step up or wanting to ACHIEVE MORE, here's your Leadership Blueprint:

1. Narrative Shift: Beyond wanting difference, embrace your unique value.

2. Wisdom Over Gender: Lead by what you know to be true, not labels.

3. Creation Over Complaint: Transition from problems to solutions.


Last year, I worked with Jessica, a former co-CEO, who came to me in tears, feeling ignored due to gender bias. Together, we unearthed her unique worth and her limiting beliefs. Today, she's the CEO of a startup, making a difference for millions.


To make this actionable: October, it's about vision and impact. I'm seeking women who aren't just looking for a title, but genuine recognition. Know someone who's ready? Connect us. I'm on it.


Now, let me model that for you right now by telling you why you should not join my latest program: 


Project Olympus Is Not For Everyone 

Do NOT join Project Olympus if

  • You are hunting for a new job
  •  You don't believe in dreaming big
  • You believe you have no dark sides
  • You believe you cannot shift perspective
  • You are often the most interesting person in the room

However, Project Olympus is the perfect fit for you if

  • You are done playing small
  • You aren't afraid to invest in yourself
  • You silently admit you want to become a better version of yourself
  • When somebody says "That's impossible ..." You think "I'll show you"
  • You're obsessed with solving BIG PROBLEMS we have in this world


On Oct Oct 17th, the price for Project Olympus goes up by $1000. On Oct 24th, it goes up a further $1500. 


The best thing you can do on the path to Leadership Mastery is to arrange the for first-rate instruction. Join me, and I'll teach you how to create your own legacy, how to create your own happiness, and how to be a Thought Leader - even though you only have a tiny following.


Much love. 





PS: Join me at Project Olympus to build your own ultra-strong leadership brand and legacy. Plus, you'll get a gift ticket to both of my programs: Private Coaching and Design Your Future Cohort 2! 





PPS: Master your job search in my last cohort Jumpstart Your Next Dream Job






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Lautruphøj 5-7
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Email: Reach out