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Sep 22, 2023

Welcome to Your Friday Transformation Digest


Ever thought about the invisible threads that tie us together in work and life? Yep, I'm talking about trust. It's been on my mind a lot lately, especially its pivotal role not just in our personal circles but in the high-stakes world of life sciences. Here's a deep dive into the essence and power of trust, and why, as leaders, we should be paying a lot more attention to it.


Let's jump in!





What I've Been Teaching This Week - Trust 

Trust is fundamental in any interaction, not just in personal relationships but also in fostering cohesive teams, especially in the dynamic life sciences sector. Your background and past relationships shape your understanding of trust. As a leader, encouraging a culture of trust begins with being more of who you are, open, vulnerable and recognising the greatness each member brings to the team. This simple yet powerful approach could be your next catalyst for more harmonious collaborations, increased performance and profit.



Book I'm Reading This Week

I've been diving into 'The Untethered Soul' by Michael A. Singer, both on Audible and the actual book. Singer gently nudges you to look within, understand yourself better, and shake off those chains we sometimes unknowingly wrap around ourselves. If you've ever felt the itch to grow or understand 'you' a bit more, give this a read. It's been eye-opening for me.



What I'm Exploring for Personal Growth

I've been diving into mental training, curious about how we can shift our usual brain patterns. It's striking how our thoughts and words shape our self-view. I've made a personal vow: to be a woman who's unconditionally happy. Guess what? A client of mine recently gained more confidence about her future by applying these insights. Just shows, we have the power to reframe our thinking and infuse life with deeper meaning



Quote I'm Reflecting On

"To get more out of anything you do, you first have to put more of yourself into it", Michael Neill, Bestselling author including The Inside-Out Revolution and Super Coach



New Podcast Episode

Ever questioned 'trust' deeply? On 'The Unlimited Mindset', I dissect the Trust Factor. Expect the unexpected. Here's the drop: The Trust Factor   Please enjoy! 



Special Invite

If you're truly ready to bring more joy and meaning into your life, I'm here to guide you. Together, we can silence those inner doubts, discover what truly excites you, and make time for what really matters. I can show you how to shift your perspective with ease, making life less complicated and filled with more happiness and peace. Want to work with me? DM me today.



Thank you for being in my circle and for reading to the end. I'm grateful.




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Lautruphøj 5-7
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