Ignite Your Summer | How To Gain an Unfair Advantage in Achieving Your 2023 Goals

Jun 20, 2023

I want to start off by telling you a story. My client, let's call him Freddy, was constantly bombarded with changes in strategy, organisational chaos, and the relentless pressure to push his team members beyond their limits. Day after day, this toxic environment took its toll on Freddy, leaving him trapped in a cycle of dissatisfaction.


My client had been dreaming of a new job in an lifescience organisation that fostered a healthier culture for a while but had been putting it off. However, when summer arrived, he made the firm decision to prioritise a well-deserved vacation with his family.


But even during his time off, Freddy couldn't escape the clutches of stress that had consumed him for so long. His unhappiness and grumpiness overshadowed the entire vacation experience for his wife and kids, transforming what should have been a joyous time into an unbearable one. The weight of his dissatisfaction still lingered, leaving Freddy mentally exhausted and yearning for guidance and support as he returned to work in August. That's when Freddy reached out to me. He knew he couldn't continue on this path of discontent and burnout alone.


What do you make of this?    

Why do you think I tell you this story?

Have you been able to stay focused on your goals for 2023, or has the allure of an upcoming vacation tempted you to put your plans on hold? We all know how tempting it can be, right?


I understand the desire for relaxation and time off. However, Freddy's story highlights the importance of staying committed to your goals, even during vacation season.



5 Tips to Embrace on Your Path to Success


I know you're part of the group who is serious about having a great summer vacation and achieving your 2023 goals. To help you create lasting - nice - memories it's essential to be aware of the traps that many people fall into. Let's shed light on these traps and explore what you can do differently:


#1 Get Clarity On Your Goals

Many individuals are uncertain about what they truly want in life. They find themselves trapped in unfulfilling jobs or organisations they long to escape from. Without clarity, it becomes difficult to make meaningful progress toward their goals.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you really want to do?
  • Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to pursue a more fulfilling path in life?


#2 Have A Proven Strategy

Often, people neglect to develop a strategy for their careers. They continue along the same path that brought them to their current position, unaware that it may not be sufficient to reach their desired level of success.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What decisions have you made which have taken you to where you are today?
  • What resources, skills, or knowledge do you need to acquire in order to achieve your goals, and how can you go about acquiring them?
  • What coaches and mentors can you work with?
  • What community can you join?


#3 Plan for Lasting Change

Many individuals dive headfirst into ambitious goals without a realistic understanding of the time and effort required for lasting change. They set unrealistic expectations, such as expecting significant results within a short timeframe. When progress doesn't materialise quickly enough, they give up, sabotaging their own growth.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • What opportunities do you miss out on because you focus on the end result instead of slowing down, taking baby steps and incorporating regular reflection and learning into your journey towards long-term success?
  • Are you looking for another job, do you want to advance your career or do you want to find a new pathway to lasting joy, happiness and success?


#4 Follow-Through

A common trap is falling into complacency and not following through on commitments. People may find it challenging to persevere when faced with difficulties or when the path to their goals becomes difficult. Instead of pushing forward, they settle for mediocrity .


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where else in your life do you not follow through?
  • What do you make of your self-sabotaging patterns?
  • What habits are you ready to develop to become a match for your next leadership position?


#5 Make Decisions and Take Action Today.

Many individuals mistakenly believe that motivation and confidence are prerequisites for taking action. They wait for these feelings to emerge before pursuing their goals, which leads to inertia and missed opportunities. In reality, motivation and confidence are built through taking action and persisting through challenges.


Ask yourself these questions:

  • How committed are you to push through and take the right actions that will drive true change?
  • How often do you tell yourself excuses to avoid doing unfamiliar things that will require you to step out of your comfort zone?


What’s Next?

Some will not make time to reflect how this information can be meaningful to them. They will have a mediocre year and fall behind once again.

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To Your Success!


Much Love. Camilla


This newsletter is written to one client ready to claim what he is worth and leave a mark in this world.


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