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Can you believe it’s already December? While we’re decking the halls and wrapping up the year, it’s also when our calendars have no white space. In my world, this month isn’t just about festive preparations and year-end reviews. It’s a time filled with family moments, supporting my dad through his cancer journey, and keeping up with my daughter's school activities. It’s a mix of joy, challenges, and everything in between - just like many of your stories, I’m sure.


That's why I feel drawn to share a little daily ritual that's been a game-changer for me.


My 3-Minute Morning & Evening Ritual

A simple twice-daily routine - a quick brain dump in my journal. It might sound too basic, but trust me, it's transformative helping me:

1. Navigate the Chaos: It’s my way of cutting through the noise, sending gratitude, focusing on what’s essential. 

2. Sharpened Focus: This practice has been key in focusing on what's essential, prioritising tasks, helping me navigate urgent client requirements and personal commitments.

3. Stress Reliever: It might sound unconventional, but here’s my twist - I send love to those who challenge me the most. This act of unexpected kindness isn’t just about them; it’s a powerful way to release my own stress and transform my perspective. It’s about turning tension into compassion, both for myself and others.


...and when I find those extra five minutes in my day, I step into my sanctuary. It's more than just a pause; it's where I reconnect with myself on a deeper level. In this space, I find clarity, calm, and the kind of inspiration that fuels my journey forward.


This technique, inspired by Bob Proctor, is my daily cornerstone for maintaining sanity and productivity and avoiding busyness.


And Now, For Something Even More Exciting...

I'm inviting you to join me in an extraordinary journey. Imagine a space where high-achievers and visionary leaders converge to redefine the boundaries of success and fulfillment. 


I'm thrilled to invite you to our intimate Leaders' Round Table, starting Monday, Dec 4. This isn’t just another leadership seminar; it's a transformative experience,

This isn't another leadership seminar; it’s a deep dive into the kind of skills that really make a difference - the stuff they don’t teach in business school.


Dive into Next-Level Leadership:


Here’s the best part - it’s completely FREE. But, seats are like gold dust - limited and invaluable. So, make sure to secure your spot. Trust me, you’ll be thanking yourself later.


Can't wait to see you there!

 Much Love,



PS: If you skipped to the end – this is for you. Our 4-Day Leadership Roundtable kicks off on December 4th, 2023. Unlock secrets to extraordinary success without the extra hustle. Limited free seats available. Act fast, secure yours, and prepare to transform your approach to leadership. Sign up now and get all the details you need to start this journey.




When you're ready here are two incredible opportunities that will dramatically and drastically impact your journey.


1: Join me at Project Olympus  my community high-achieving leaders like you, hungry for a more happiness, more impact, financial freedom, a fulfilling life, eager to solve some of the biggest problems on this planet. If this resonates with you, if it stirs something deep within, then you’re exactly who we’re looking for. Answer the call. 


2:  Are you ready to create extraordinary success in 2024? Apply now for my personal support, and let's turn your ambitious dreams into your lived reality: Leadership Coaching: Tailored for the visionary, ambitious and successful entrepreneur or leader seeking my unwavering support to achieve impossible dreams. Divorce Coaching: Designed for leaders navigating divorce, transition or on the other side. Private Strategy Intensive: A full-day coaching and strategy deep dive for visionary leaders and entrepreneurs, unlocking your path to lasting success.




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