How Negative Self-Talk Hinders Leaders to Achieve More Success

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Have you ever caught yourself telling yourself a story that makes you feel bad? Maybe you're not good enough, you're not smart enough, or you're not worthy of success. These negative stories can hold us back from achieving our full potential and living our best lives. 

This happened to me the other day. As I sat there, feeling defeated and limited by my negative thoughts, it suddenly hit me. I had been so focused on finding evidence to support my self-doubt that I forgot to look at the bigger picture. The excitement of a new corporate advisory assignment, the uplifting conversations with top leaders, and the newfound strength to face my custody battle head-on. 

And once again I got curious: why do we do this to ourselves? The truth is, our minds are wired to look for evidence that supports our beliefs. This is called confirmation bias, and it can be a powerful force. We tend to seek out information that confirms our beliefs, and ignore information that contradicts them. 

When we believe negative stories about ourselves, we look for evidence to support them. We focus on our weaknesses, our failures, and our flaws, while ignoring our strengths, our successes, and our accomplishments. 

But here's the thing - this kind of thinking is not helpful, and it's not accurate. It's important to challenge these negative stories and look for evidence that contradicts them.

As a leader, it's essential to cultivate positive thinking in yourself and your team. Here are five strategies you can use to promote better feeling thoughts and increase productivity: 

Strategy #1

Encourage gratitude: As a leader, encourage your team to take a few minutes every day to reflect on things they are grateful for. Emphasize the importance of including a gratitude practice in their morning and evening routines to help shift their focus to the positive aspects of their lives. 

Strategy #2

Challenge negative thoughts: When negative thoughts arise, encourage your team to challenge them by asking if they are really true. Help them recognize that negative thoughts are often based on assumptions or perceptions, rather than actual facts. 

Strategy #3

Focus on solutions: As a leader, it's easy to get caught up in problems or obstacles. Instead, encourage your team to focus on finding solutions. Challenge them when they say things like "this is not possible" or "I can't do it.

Strategy #4

Create a positive work environment: As a leader, it's your responsibility to create a positive work environment that encourages productivity and collaboration. Encourage your team to support one another and offer positive feedback. Spending time with positive, supportive people can help your team maintain a positive mindset and uplift their mood. 

Strategy #5

Encourage self-care: As a leader, it's important to encourage your team to take care of themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. Offer resources and support to help them prioritize self-care. Recognize that how they fuel their bodies is essential if they want to have more peace of mind and success. 

With the current economic recession and layoffs, great leaders face new and pressing challenges. The stress and pressure of the current situation can take a toll on mental and emotional health, which can negatively impact leadership effectiveness. 

Prioritise your personal growth before it’s too late:

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