Fear of Failure is Your Gateway to Success

Sep 05, 2023

Hey there! If this is your first time reading my Tuesday emails, a big, warm welcome to you! 


🔵 The Door to Your Destiny 

Have you ever stood in front of a door that seemed like the gateway to your future, but also a barrier encapsulating fears and dreams? Not too long ago, I revisited the very blue door that witnessed my nerve-wracking high school exams. A place where younger me teetered on the cusp of a world of potentials and anxieties.

But now, that door symbolizes more than just past fears; it's a monument of transformation. Today, I am not just entering rooms; I am constructing them, forming gateways to grander dreams and visions.



In the last six months, I've joined: 

  • Elite leadership communities fostering grand visions
  • Circles of visionaries reshaping the world
  • Inner Leadership Circles promoting growth and innovation
  • Global Mentorship Programs bridging boundaries
  • Local Leader Initiatives nurturing community and synergy  


So, what's the actionable takeaway from all this? Let's get practical with a few challenges: 

#1 Reflect: What's one leadership lesson you wish you'd known in your early 20s? Pick a realm: Team Dynamics, Strategic Thinking, or Work-Life Balance. 

#2 Identify: Choose your top 3 nuggets of wisdom in that realm. 

#3 Commit: What's one immediate step you can take today to embody these insights? 


Without action no change.


Here’s a few easy steps you can take today :) 

1. Set an alarm right now if you haven’t already for your Inner Circle webinar today, September 4th at 8pm CET.  

2. I just dropped a new podcast episode. All about taking control and make sure you live not just survive. Give it a listen: ➡️ UnlimitedMindsetPodcast

3. Don’t forget to check out Project Olympus. All about playing a bigger game, obsessed with contributing to other people’s success and designing the life you were meant to have.  


Remember, each day is a step forward, a chance to open new doors to growth and evolution. You hold the key to unlock a life rich with opportunities and learning (whether you are aware of it or not).



To Your Success

Much Love, Camilla

Founder, Trusted Advisor - Calberg Coaching

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2 more things you need to know:


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2. Elite Men's Circle: We're setting up a solid circle just for the guys who aim high. Only 9 spots available, and one's already snagged. Ready? Grab your seat now.


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Lautruphøj 5-7
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