Do You Dream Big Enough?

dream big Apr 12, 2021
Do You Dream Big Enough?

Many people get overwhelmed when I ask about their big dreams in life.

First they say “uhhh that I have never thought of” followed by “I am happy with what I have”.

What I know to be true is that being happy in this moment doesn’t mean that all your dreams in life have come true.

Most people dream small.

When you dream small, you set realistic goals easy to achieve. You stay in your comfort zone. You accept your level of happiness and unhappiness. You limit yourself from exploring your true potential and living your life full out.

Realistic goals are realised with little effort. The outcome is mediocre. Big dreams involve your true commitment to succeed. The outcome is magnificent and changes your life.


How To Dream Big

Dreaming big is about stretching yourself and going for creating the life you desire.

How best to dream big is to slow down and detail your big dreams that will help you create the life that you deserve. Cloudy words make cloudy and unachievable dreams.

5 questions you can include in your dream big work

  • How do I want to live MY life one year from now?
  • What does happiness mean to me?
  • Where do I live? What view do I have from my bedroom window?
  • What job do I have? How many hours do I work per week?
  • Which relationships give me energy?
  • Which relationships do not serve me?

5 Reasons That Hold You Back From Dreaming Big

  1. I conform with social standards. You have big dreams though you fear to break out of your cohort. That isn’t a good compromise. How does living your life according to other people’s belief systems really serve you?
  2. I don’t have dreams. That answer I invite you to challenge. Allow yourself to image and lean into life. Taste it. Feel it.
  3. I settle for good enough. What makes you accept good enough? How true is it that good enough is a mirror of the life you really want to live?
  4. Fear. You come up with excuses, why you don’t start living your dream. You unconsciously choose the intricated road over the direct route to happiness. What holds you back from living the extraordinary life which you deserve?
  5. Procrastination. You need more skills before you can dream big. You are going through divorce and tell yourself you don’t have the capacity to invest in yourself. Whatever your excuse, ask yourself the value of your life and the price for not dreaming big.



My Journey To Dreaming Big

Over the last few years, different people asked me about my dreams. They knew I was unhappy in my family life.

They challenged me. What life did I really want to live?

I procrastinated my dreams because of my family situation. How could I possibly find energy to dream big when my family life was mentally draining affecting my belief in my own uniqueness and worth?

Slowly I began to embrace the concept of dreaming big and owning my dreams.

I learned that financial stability gives me freedom to live the life I desire.

And when that penny dropped, I made a conscious choice.

I decided no longer to belong to the cohort whose world perspective on financial freedom means material life.

That change in thinking opened up incredible life and business opportunities and removed barriers that otherwise would have prevented me from living the dreams of my life.


Your Next Steps

Today I invite you to think big and ask yourself if your dreams are big enough.

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