An Antidote to Feeling “Just Okay”

Oct 30, 2023

Welcome to Your Friday Transformation Digest

Are your team's performance issues driving you to consider drastic measures like firing everyone?


Have you ever found yourself frustrated with your team's performance, wondering why they aren't meeting your expectations?


It's a situation many leaders face. You delegate responsibilities, grant autonomy, and yet, the results fall short. But what if I told you that you don't have a people problem but a leadership problem?




No matter what field of the life sciences industry we come from, successful leaders begin with a strong desire to make a difference. Highly successful leaders all start in the same place. However, over time, that inner fire can dim. I've been there, silently wrestling with the fear of setting boundaries, avoiding potential conflict, and yearning to be liked.


Let's explore another relatable story. Like you, this leader valued autonomy and team empowerment, but his path took a frustrating turn: poor performance, flawed reports, incorrect deliverables, and team tension. His sincere attempts to empower the team inadvertently backfired, eroding trust. Initially, he blamed his team for stress, but soon realised the issue wasn't his people; it was his leadership.


Now let's focus on you ...


You’re highly successful, there’s no doubt. You have a stellar career (at least on the outside), a family life, and enough money to have the things you’ve always wanted.  


However, it doesn’t feel like the Hallmark movies make it seem. What started as a dream has become a job again, and you feel like the purpose you once had behind work is buried in the responsibilities of leadership. Oftentimes I hear my clients tell me:  

  • They don’t feel recognised for the contribution they make.
  • They are busy but feel underutilized, which adversely affects their motivation, drive, performance, and, ultimately, their happiness.
  • Their EVP command them to be more stoic - "drop the softness, if you want to achieve greater results and secure your next position"
  • They feel a deep sense of frustration and disappointment due to their recent termination, which has left them questioning their self-worth.
  • As primary breadwinners, they must navigate the urgent task of rebranding themselves for new job opportunities, seeking employment that supports their family financially while maintaining their personal reputation. 
  • They have money but never feel truly financially recognised for their contribution.
  • They don’t have time for “big picture” tasks that only leadership can do, which creates a captainless ship dilemma.
  • They aren’t yet at the level of financial freedom that gives them peace of mind in times of recession.
  • Their marriage or family life suffers because they invest more time in their job search and because the transition affects them mentally
  • They lack motivation because they invest more time in their career and not ON their career.


Do any of these statements sound like you? From the outside, things are great, but inside it’s a different story. You’re content, but you aren’t finding meaning in your work or creating the kind of breakthroughs that lead to legacy-level success.  



Today is the day to change all that. Find the meaning in your work that once inspired you beyond measure and make those final changes to truly “have it all.” 


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I've supported countless of job-hunting professionals over the last two decades. And a recurring issue saddens me deeply.


Many leaders in life sciences struggle to articulate their unique value they bring to the table, leading to generic pitches and frequent rejections.


To address this, during the first week of our together, I'll provide you with a framework and exercises to help you get clarity on your distinctive strengths, the difference you make and desired career path.


This discovery is the key to landing a higher-paying life-science job and claiming the salary you deserve. You will be rewarded for the value you create, not the hours you have worked, or projects delivered together with your team members. 



When you master this, you'll stand out from the crowd and position yourself for the level of success you aspire to achieve. 


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 4 Things I can guarantee you: 

  • Since 2008 I have trained many leaders in landing their next job. Expat spouses relocating to Denmark. Professionals at director level and above from life sciences, software, consultancy industries. Serial and start-up entrepreneurs.  
  • To this day, I still use the tools and framework that I will teach in the program, to hit my goals.  
  • What I will train you in isn’t industry specific. It’s the unspoken things extraordinarily successful people do on a daily basis.
  • If you are committed to succeed, you can master what I will teach and train you in, too 

 2 things I can’t guarantee you:

 ❌ I can't promise you will land your dream job during our time together. (No one can, by the way. It comes down to how committed, determined and disciplined you are!)  


❌ I can't promise you won't fail or make mistakes. In fact, the only reason I'm running a prosperous coaching business and navigating a high conflict divorce case at the same time is that I've struggled and failed more than most career and outplacement consultants. 



If you’re in, you’re in. Fully committed. Hell Yes. Or Hell No.  


 To Your Success!

Much Love,

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