25 Essential Communication Skills Every Leader Needs To Master

Dec 15, 2023

Ever wonder why some life sciences leaders thrive effortlessly? Let's simplify: Your words reflect your identity, worldview, and their impact on others. It's at the core of great leadership.


In my client work, I emphasise elevating mindsets, shredding language that no longer serves where you want to go, and making a bigger difference, with a focus on leadership mastery this year. This includes an exciting challenge I've been teaching...: Rephrase everyday sayings into empowering questions and affirmations.


It may sound straightforward, but the impact is profound. This isn't merely a linguistic exercise; it's a key to unlock new perspectives, confront challenges, and seize opportunities with renewed vigor.


Teaching and Coaching at The Leaders' Roundtable 2023.

 To help you achieve bigger results in 2024 without investing more hours, I've compiled 25 impactful stories we often tell ourselves. I invite you to explore this collection and share these insights with your team. Witness how a shift in language can lead to a shift in everything. Enjoy! 


25 Communication Shifts for Any Future-Thinking Leader In Life Sciences

  1. Instead of saying "I can't," ask yourself, "How can I?"
  2. Replace "I'm not good at this" with "Every day in every way I get better and better."
  3. Turn "I have to" into a choice: "I choose to."
  4. Change "It’s impossible" to the belief that "It’s possible."
  5. When feeling "I'm too old/young," consider "What value do I bring to the table?"
  6. Combat "I'm not good enough" with the affirmation "I’m amazing."
  7. Face "I'll fail" with courage: "It’s scary, it is messy, and I'll do it anyway."
  8. Swap "I don't have time" with "I create time."
  9. When something feels too hard, ask "How can I overcome this?"
  10. Replace "I don't know how" with a curious mindset: "What if you knew, what would you do?"
  11. Counter "I don't deserve this" with "I am worthy of this."
  12. Instead of dwelling on past failures, think "What new approach can I try this time?"
  13. Change "I'll try" to a commitment: "I do it."
  14. If you feel "I don't have the resources," ask "How can I make this happen?"
  15. Replace "I'm not talented" with "I have unique skills."
  16. For "There is no job for me," believe "I create my own opportunities."
  17. Overcome "I'm not confident" by doing something scary for 20 minutes a day to grow your confidence.
  18. Instead of "I'll never get there," seek guidance: "Teach me."
  19. Change "It's not my fault" to "I take full responsibility."
  20. When feeling weak, remind yourself: "I am stronger than I think."
  21. If you think "I'm not appreciated," tell yourself "I am valued."
  22. Replace "I'm not liked" with "I’m here to make a positive difference."
  23. Turn "I'm don't belong at this table" into "I am worthy to be here."
  24. For "I'm not smart enough," affirm "I am clever."
  25. When doubting yourself, tell yourself "I am good enough."


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