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Authentic Leadership Mastery is designed for those who want to redefine what it means to lead. Our inner circle thrives on the power of authenticity, the courage to innovate, and the strength of transparency in every actions.


It's a really safe environment to explore deep, deep issues around self fulfillment I, I really do. And that is both personally and professionally applicable. And can just help you to, to, as you say, take off and peel back the layers to really enable you and empower you to break through, you know, your obstacles. 


Your Leadership Challenges Authentic Leadership Mastery Can Help You Navigate

Hitting Growth Plateaus


Breakthrough limits, opening doors to new realms of success and innovation.

Navigating Uncertainty


Use opportunities to strengthen your personal brand and leadership identity.

Mindset Expansion


Broaden your perspective significantly, tackle new challenges innovatively and deliver impactful, lasting solutions to patients.

Elevating Influence


Amplify your voice and ensure it is not only heard but respected and followed.

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Why Now? Why You?


The life sciences sector is at a pivotal moment, presenting huge opportunities for those ready to step up. Authentic Leadership Mastery is for ambitious and purpose-driven leaders who want to:


Double Your Impact 


When you join ALM, you'll discover how to unlock your full potential, doubling your impact and enhancing your strategic foresight—all without sacrificing sleep or adding more hours to your day.

Transform your leadership and achieve greatness by embracing the power within you.


Drive Innovation 


Facilitating next-level strategy discussions is at the heart of every great leader. But what mindset do you need to lead cutting-edge solutions with upper management who feel stretched thin?

At ALM, you'll learn the advanced strategies and innovative thinking required to drive impactful solutions and inspire your team to excel even when their stakeholders are under pressure.


Lead With Purpose and Authenticity


At ALM, we redefine leadership. Learn how to listen deeply, ask daring questions, and embody the qualities that set exceptional leaders apart.

Inspire your team with genuine engagement and drive unparalleled innovation and success.


Triple Your Free Time 


Unlock the potential to achieve more while working less. At ALM, we teach you how to streamline your tasks through effective delegation and focus on what truly matters.

Shift your mindset to enhance efficiency and reduce stress, allowing you to reclaim valuable free time. Embrace a leadership style that empowers you to excel without overextending yourself. 

What You’ll Gain

Week 1. Clarity and Confidence in Leadership

Transform challenges into stepping stones for success. Develop a clear vision and strategic plan that showcases your strengths and positions you as a trusted advisor.

Week 2. Accelerate Your Blueprint for Success

Break through career plateaus with strategies that propel you beyond your current limits and open new opportunities.

Week 3. Innovative Problem-Solving Skills

Adopt a next level mindset that will amplify your  approach to problem-solving, ensuring you facilitate any conversation with inner peace and on purpose.

Week 4. Next Level Communication

Learn techniques to confidently assert your ideas, ensuring your voice is heard and respected.

Week 5. Whole-Life Balance

Create a harmonious life where your professional success does not come at the expense of personal well-being.

Week 6. Maximised Value and Income

Articulate your unique contributions effectively, attracting the recognition and income you deserve.

Level 7. Define Your Uniqueness 

Discover and articulate what sets you apart. This program helps you connect with and express your unique value, making a lasting impact in your field.

Week 8. Celebration and Next Step

Embed continuous learning into your growth strategy, positioning yourself at the forefront of innovation and discovery.

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Authentic Leadership Mastery is for YOU if:

  • You aspire to transform your career and amplify your impact on the world through advanced leadership skills.
  • You're ready to learn smarter ways to be a leader and mentor everyone wants to follow. 
  • You're ready to unlearn traditional leadership models and embrace innovative approaches that set new standards in your field.
  • You're committed to grow your relationships with your children.
  • You have a burning desire to live a life on purpose and help others become their best selves.

Authentic Leadership Mastery Core Program

Pre-Course Assessment ($250 Value)

8 1-hour Q&A session per week ($4,000 Value)

1 Workbook with exercises and assignments

($1000 Value)

8 1-hour Zoom call per week with a focused topic

($16,000+ Value)

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Transformation Guarantee

We believe in the transformative potential of our program. With our Transformation Guarantee, if you’re not seeing the changes you hoped for in the first 30 days, we’ll refund your entire investment. Your journey to becoming a sought-after leader in your industry is important to us, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Camilla brings total commitment to her client and provides a safe, supportive environment for difficult and at the same time very productive conversations.

She is remarkably skilled at peeling back the layers, taking the client on their journey from past to present, to understand 'their why' so that they can have a conversation about the how, the what, the why of the journey forward


Now  I am convinced you are a mind reader 😃 Your last comment was what I was asking myself when the interview was set up. Yes I need money right now, thus may not be the job that ‘fills my cup’. 

I’m going to sleep on these - and then flesh out my game plan that I drafted earlier. You are the best Camilla! ❤️


Every time I have a conversation with Camilla, whether 1:1, group call, or WhatsApp messaging I get so many ideas and insights of what I need to work on and how. When I first connected with her I told her that I needed her 'from the outside in' point of view, as I had been doing work on my 'from the inside out' point of view. I am at an inflection point in my career and want to step into leadership roles and I knew I needed a coach. She understood immediately.


About Camilla


Camilla Calberg is a highly sought after Executive Coach and International Keynote Speaker who has worked across Fortune 500 companies such as BP, Shell and IBM. As an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine, Camilla is widely regarded as one of the top leadership and Executive mindset coaches in the world today. Camilla is recognized by the EU Business News as one of the Most Inspiring Coaches of 2022 and has won numerous awards for her work.

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